ABC NEWS - GOOD MORNING AMERICA, November 2005 - "House Cleaning Helpers”- Good Morning America welcomes Good Housekeeping Magazine's editor, Ellen Levine, who offers solutions for household chores. "To lighten your laundry load, Good Housekeeping recommends Sock Cops”.

“Sock It To Me” -
“These smart little Sock Cop clips keep socks in pairs from wash to wear.
Washer- and dryer-safe, the clips eliminate the hassle of sorting socks.”

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE, January 2012 - “What Our Pros Know”
“Don't let sock pairing slow you down. Use clips such as Sock Cops to keep mates united through wash and dry.”

REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE, 2014 - Laundry Room Essentials - SOCK COPS
N"Never mysteriously lose a knee-high again. Use these nifty resin clips to “handcuff” socks together in the washer, dryer, and drawer―and say good-bye to mismatched pairs.”

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE, August 2007 - “A Cleaner House In A Minute” -
“...snap up a Sock Cop - a plastic gripper that 'handcuffs' socks together. The grippers, which are reusable, will hang tough through the entire wash & dry cycle."

ALL*YOU MAGAZINE, November 2008 - “Quick Tip!” - "Never lose a sock again! Sock Cops hold pairs together in the wash.”

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING MAGAZINE, October 2005 - “Best of Everything”
“Use Sock Cops to “hand-cuff” socks together for washing and drying.  The Good Housekeeping Institute clipped several pairs of socks together and put them through the washer and dryer multiple times.  All socks emerged as they had been clipped, with no damage to the socks or the clips.”

HOME & GARDEN TELEVISION (HGTV), April 2006 - “I Want That!”
“As a solution to the never-ending question of where do socks really go during the laundry cycle.
"Finally, [Sock Cop] has come up with a way to keep socks from going AWOL in the dryer.”

NBC - JAY LENO, 2005 - “Pitch to America: Sold or Not Sold” -
Sock Cop as demonstrated to the live audience during the Pitch to America segment. The audience was given the choice and chose “SOLD” for the Sock Cop, indicating that they would purchase the product.

REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE (, 2013 - Problem-Solving Laundry Products , Sock Cop Sock Clips -
"These resin clips “handcuff” pairs together (even in the washer and dryer), ensuring you’ll never lose a sock again.”

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